Job Managemnt Made Easy. GeoOP allows you to take control of your business with a simple and intuitive workflow thanks to the following features:

  • Realtime Schedule - Allows to you drag and drop jobs to assign workers workers. Jobs aer easily visible to both Admins and to workers on their mobile devices.
  • Job Status - Jobs are updated live and they progeress. Have complete visibility of all your jobs and workers at a glance.
  • Map & Directions - Google map integration makes sure your arrive on time.
  • Add-on GPS tracking - Keep track of you workers, vehicles and other assets.
  • Part & Materials List
  • Realtime Jobsheets from start of the job to completion
  • Create Quotes and email them to clients. Easily convert Quotes to Invoices at the end of the job.
  • Photo & Audio records can be attached to Jobs.
  • Schedule recurring jobs
  • Invoive from GeoOp are integrate with Xero online accounting.

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